Protect Your Energy System

We humans constantly try to find methods to bring more and more ease and comfort to our lives. Electricity was undoubtedly one of the most iconic inventions of all time as with its help we can make our modern households as functional as possible.

To have an uninterrupted supply of electricity, various techniques have been utilized and have succeeded in doing so. One of the most popular ways of having a power supply 24/7 is solar panels. These have been around for quite a long time but now, people are turning to it more and more as they find it budget friendly. These sure are a close friend with budgeting but, there are certain problems to deal with while enjoying solar energy at home.


With any sort of electrical device or system there is maintenance required, hence, it goes with saying that solar panels do ask for proper maintenance and by that we mean keeping it good as new not just by keeping the wires in place and good shape; it also means to protect it from the animals that may cause serious damage to it if you leave it unnoticed.

Problem with birds:

While people ignore the issue in the beginning after the installation of solar panels but, sooner or later they have to realize that birds can cause several issues with solar panels. They can become the reason for the damages that will increase with time causing the system to collapse just by settling under the panels. To overcome these problematic situations bird proof solar panels are a solution.

Bird attracted to solar panels:

There are several reasons why birds are attracted to solar panels. One of the most visible reasons is the safe shelter they receive by building a nest under them. It can become a place where may protect themselves from rain, bad weather and other possible predators.

Nest building:

When birds like pigeons are building themselves a nest, they will surely clean the space and make it workable for them. For this purpose, they will try to remove anything there they feel like an obstacle, including wiring under the panels. Often the process will disable the entire system as the bird may be disturbing the wires and, in the process, they break it. Such activities sometimes also cause their death and their dead bodies will become a host to several pests. To prevent such condition bird mitigation devices or good bird deterrent are utilized.

Damaging of the system:

If not taken care properly on the right time, these little issues will grow until they are a big problem to solve and usually this happens a lot, especially with houses as compared to solar farms, because people forget to check on them after installation and they notice it when the problem is quite big to handle. Like, the collapse of the entire system, damaged solar panels, and more.

So, it is crucial to look after the panels right from the beginning and ensure its protection and maintenance all the time.