Education Of The Arts During The Youth– Beneficial For A Child Or Not?

In the older days, art was a mandatory part of the lifestyles of people. It was encompassed in all parts of society, not through mechanical or automated means, but via people who would have occupations that promoted the arts within society be it, street artists. Even places of work promoted the use of music as a means of connection within persons.Homes, on the other hand, would generally have a day of the week where all the occupants gather to one place and sing songs and each member would showcase their unique talents with either a musical instrument, singing or through other creative means. Similarly, kids singing classes Melbourne for children were normally within society. However, there have been many arguments for and against such education is a part of the curriculums of educational institutes.

The first and foremost benefit of this is the aid it provides to help students find means of expressing themselves in unique ways. Different children are talented in different areas, thus just as sports become a part of the curriculum, other means of creative expression should also be taught for students to learn about their existence and find their passions within.

Further, it has other benefits such as the improvement of the hand-eye coordination and would help develop the concentration of the students.The main argument against such teaching is the excessive costs involved. Parents would always want their children to be successful in life and the occupations the parents want to see their children in does not include musicians and artists. Thus parents are sceptical about promoting the said careers within the minds of their children. Creative work is promoted as a waste of time and money and parents would use this to coerce their children to do other work to gain opportunities to take part in such activities. Further, talented children would require specialized training such as voice strengthening coaching for children who can sing. The other material requirements for art students including art matter cost extensively. Specializing in such activities are also extremely time-consuming as an extensive practice is required for perfection, this may eat into the time of students and may divert their attention from educational activities.

However, within the fast-tracked society that we live in, giving such an opportunity allows the children to let their imagination fly-in productive ways rather than being disruptive. This is mainly because any built up of emotions would have a safe outlet during such classes. Therefore, allowing students to have access to such education of arts would help create more creative people within the society and promote individual happiness.